Blog Posts Posted January 2015

Each Way Bets Explained

When bettors start to bet on sporting events online, they will find there are many different types of bets that can be placed. One of the popular selections for many bettors is the each way bet. This is a bonus bet because it will allow one to place bets on two different outcomes at the same time. With this type of bet, losses can be minimized and there are some great thrills when wins occur. When betting online, the each way bets will be marked with an E/W. At some sites, standard bets can be turned into each way bets, but this is not always offered.

When placing an each way bet, the bettor will be betting for a win, place or show. Each way bets are not used in sports like boxing or typical professional games where there is not a second and third place. It is most used with horse racing and dog racing. When the bet is placed, there will be two bets in one, so the amount of the bet is doubled. For example, if the bettor places a $5 to win bet, the each way bet would be $10.

Each way bets are a great way to enjoy some payouts, but it will not offer the same rewards as a win only bet. However, it is less risky. Since there are actually two bets on one, there are two chances to win and generate a profit from the bet.

Each way bets are most often used by those that have experience with betting on horse races. These bets offer a chance to make a profit or at least get the wager amount back in return. The bet will also allow bettors to take chances on horses that have larger odds while enjoying lower risks of losing the bet amount.

The each way bet is actually a bet on the win and the place. If the chosen horse finishes first, the win and place bets will pay off. The win bet will now pay full odds and the place returns a portion of the win. If the selected horse does not win but places, the win bet loses and the stake is lost. However, the place bet will win and the stake will be returned to the bettor.

Key Poker Skills for Online Play

Poker remains one of the most popular card games played around the world and with so many online casinos offering variations of the game, there are players that are always trying to win real money payouts. Poker is a game that will require certain skills and with some practice time, players can become quite good at the game and can compete with experienced players. There are some essential skills that all players should possess and learning these will benefit any new player that is just starting to play real money poker online.

Math skills are a key part to being a good poker player. One will have to know the probabilities of each game and know what their chances are of collecting a pot. Good poker players will also know a bit about outs, which refer to the number of cards that could increase the hand. By counting outs, multiplying them by two and them adding one, a percentage will be given and this is the chance the player has at winning. Math skills are the basic knowledge required to play poker and real money players should ensure they possess these skills.

Discipline is another skill that will come in handy. A good poker player will always demand an advantage and will understand that each game will require a different discipline. With discipline, players will know when to quit and when to keep playing the game and will also be able to make mistakes at the table and will learn from those mistakes and use them to become a better player.

Understanding risk versus reward is also a great poker skill to possess. Poker players are often willing to take a risk if the rewards are high, but only if the return to be gained is higher than that risk. Poker is all about taking risks, but when combined with the other skills, players will know when they have good chances and will also be disciplined enough to leave the game if the risks are too high.

After some time, these skills can easily be learned and mastered, creating a great poker player that will be able to hold their own when the sit in on a real money game online.