Blog Posts Posted May 2014

Playing Free Poker Online

Not every player who enters an online casino or a poker room will want to start playing and risking their own money on the games that are offered. For these players, there are some other options. One is to play the free version of poker that is being offered. These games offer all of the same features of real money games, but players will not risk losing any money when they are playing. Free poker games can be found at leading online casinos and some poker rooms and there are different variations that can be enjoyed.

When playing free poker games, players will not have the ability to generate real money payouts, but here are some other benefits to playing these games. For one, they will allow players the ability to learn new variations and become comfortable with game rules and strategies before they start to place wagers on the games. With free poker, players will have all the time they need to practice the games and become a better player online.

Another way for players to enjoy some free poker games is to find online casinos and poker rooms that offer free bets. With these bets, players will not have to put up their own money on the games, but will still be able to play for real money payouts. These types of bonuses are most commonly offered to new players who are just creating an account at the site. Free poker bets are very popular and can be a great way for any player to get started playing these amazing games online.

Poker is one of the most popular card games played by players all over the world. Even when players are not looking to play for real money, they will enjoy the action of the free games and will see the different variations that are offered. Free poker games are offered in no download format, so players will not have to install anything to their computer to take advantage of these games.

With so many players now turning to online sites for their poker needs, there are many ways to enjoy poker for free. By using the mentioned resources, any player can start enjoying this casino classic online and have the ability to play with players from all over the world.

Strategies for Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud is one of the more popular variations of online poker that are found in casinos and the game is pretty easy to play. With just a few tips and some practice, players will quickly see why this game offers endless excitement and is one of the preferred poker variations offered. With this version of online poker, players will enjoy different betting options that will suit their budgets and will also benefit from some common strategies to increase the chances of winning when playing online.

When playing Caribbean Stud, players should always place the optional side bet that is offered. This will offer the chance to win part or all of a progressive jackpot. This bet is just $1 and can offer some amazing rewards, so don’t avoid placing this bet for increased payouts.

With Caribbean Stud, many players will develop their own style of playing after they have learned the rules. However, most players will suggest to call the bet when an A, K and J are being held or when the hand has an A and K and the dealer’s exposed card is a 5. Most other hands in the game should be folded.

In order to win with Caribbean Stud, the dealer will have to qualify with an Ace King hand or better. However, if the dealer does not qualify, all ante bets will be returned. One of the common mistakes that are made by new players is the avoidance to bet on low pairs and string Ace high hands. Many feel that they will often lose with these hands, however, it is quite possible for the dealer to simply have the qualifying hand, allowing players to collect payouts on these low ranking poker hands.

Players who place the jackpot side bet will be paid whether the dealer qualifies or not. This side bet can offer some great payouts since there is a progressive jackpot. A Royal Flush will win 100% of the jackpot while a Straight Flush takes 10%. 4 of a kind hands will benefit from a $500 instant payouts and a Full House receives $100. Players will also be paid $50 for a Flush, so it is very beneficial to place the side bet to maximise winnings when playing this casino favourite.