Blog Posts Posted December 2014

Blackjack Side Bets

Many players who enjoy the game of blackjack at an online casino will appreciate the games that offer additional chances to win. One way to win without getting a blackjack is to find games that offer a side bet to be placed. There are two different side bets that are very common. The first is Pairs Plus and the other is 21+3. Both of these will cost a small amount to enjoy, but the rewards can be amazing. The Pairs Plus bet is one of the most placed at a blackjack table and it can offer some outstanding payouts.

With the Pairs Plus, often called Perfect Pairs, the side bet is $1 and this is placed along with the ante for the game. With this bet, players who are dealt a pair in their hand can win extra money bad on what these two cards are. If the cards are a mixed pair, the payout will offer 6 to 1. However, more can be won if the two cards are of the same value and the same colour. This will offer a payout of 12 to 1. The best rewards come from getting a Perfect Pair, two cards of the same value, same colour and same suit. This offers a great 25 to 1 payout.

The other side bet, often offered in live dealer blackjack games is the 21+3 bet. This is also a $1 side bet and players can bet more based on the table limits. With this side bet, players are trying to complete the best three card poker hand using their two cards and the first card dealt to the dealer. These payouts can be quite impressive and range from 5 to 1 for a flush to 100 to 1 for suited trips, three cards of the same value and the same suit.

The side bets offered in blackjack add a bit of excitement to the game and offer players more chances to collect payouts. These bets are a small cost to enjoy a large win and are enjoyed by many experienced blackjack players. The great thing about these bets is that players will win even if they lose the main hand in the game, offering great rewards without having to beat the dealer of get a blackjack.

Free Play Casino Games

Online casinos are home to many amazing game titles, but not every player will be ready to start playing with real money when the sign up. This is why there are many casino sites that are offering free games. With a free casino game, there is no risk to the player and they can take all the time they need to learn new game rules, practice skills and strategies or simply enjoy the game as a form of entertainment. With free games in online casinos, players are never obligated to make a casino deposit. While these games will not offer any real money payouts, they can be entertaining and can even help new players prepare for their gambling experience when they are ready to start betting online.

The selection of free games that are presented online casinos will vary per provider. Since every casino has different game titles, there are many different free games that can be enjoyed. Most of the games will be slot selections, but the leading casino sites will also offer a great selection of free table and card games. With these games, players can learn how to play and become comfortable with basic strategies before they wager a single penny at the casino.

Free games not only benefit new players and those just looking for fun things to play, but they can also benefit experienced players. Those that are serious about gambling will always be looking for ways to improve their game so they can win more. It is not uncommon for experienced players to make use of free games to test out new betting strategies before they risk real money.

Free games are offered as instant play games, as there is never a casino download required. Another way to enjoy free games is to redeem casino bonuses. With these, the casino will offer free money that can be used to place real money wagers. The best bonuses for this is a no deposit bonus, which still provides a risk free way to play online casino games without risking the loss of any real money online. Free games are definitely used daily by many players and they are a great way to preview what is offered at an online casino and an even better way to test game variations.